what is bentonite

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Bentonite Fact Sheet - About.com Health What is Bentonite? Bentonite is a clay that is available in supplement form. The primary ingredient in bentonite is hydrated aluminum silicate. » Request a quotation

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AMCOL Minerals Asia > BENTONITE > What is Bentonite What is "Bentonite" Bentonite is essentially a high swelling clay mineral whose name was derived from the location of the first commercial deposits mined at Fort ... » Request a quotation

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Bentonite | Define Bentonite at Dictionary.com Bentonite definition, a clay formed by the decomposition of volcanic ash, having the ability to absorb large quantities of water and to expand to several times its ... » Request a quotation

What is Bentonite? - Industrial Minerals Association ... Bentonite is a clay generated frequently from the alteration of volcanic ash, consisting predominantly of smectite minerals, usually montmorillonite. » Request a quotation

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What is Bentonite Clay? - Definition from Corrosionpedia Bentonite clay is a clay which is an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate consisting mostly of montmorillonite. The main uses of bentonite clays are for drilling mud ... » Request a quotation